Friday, December 21, 2007

Temporary Shelter

Last night

Temporary Shelter book 10
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I found these photographs of a book I started before I got into a car accident awhile back. I had already torn or cut out the base pages from various recycled & repurposed materials. A couple of weeks after the accident, I started working for a few minutes each night to assemble the pages, working from my living room couch, with my materials laid out on a big footstool. I hadn't seen these photos in over a year!

I do like the simple house and shelter motifs, the old photos I chose that reminded me of folks in search of shelter, and the windows that allow you to see through to another page. I also like the weird little "paper doll" creatures that are comforting each other.

I put 12 of the photos of on my Flickr site -- just click the photo above to go there. 8-)

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