Tuesday, January 8, 2008

9/11 Bead Quilt Catalog

As the volunteer organizers of the 9/11 memorial Bead Quilt move forward on securing a permanent home for this awesome project, please don't forget that Andrea Adams, Rosa Meyer, Julia Pretl, and the other volunteers rely on donations from the beading community to sustain, ship, store, display, and publicize the project.

Never known for resting on their laurels, Julia and Andrea recently produced a gorgeous comb-bound catalog of artist statements, with each quilt square beautifully photographed by Julia (a professional graphic designer I might add). The book is available in limited quantities, and the money raised is used to offset project costs (do you have any idea how much is costs to ship the panels to an exhibition???)

Andrea, Nikia, Sarabeth and Rosa
I am so proud and so humbled by the efforts of these women over the past six years. They don't toot their own horn (nor do they profit from the quilt in any way!), so it may not always be obvious how hard they work behind the scenes. They are bead angels!

So there's my pitch -- if you are interested in getting a copy of the catalog while they last, and saving a piece of down-home, grassroots, U.S. art/craft history, scroll down the page below until you get to the book...

(Of course, if you need a preview, check out each square here: http://www.beadcave.com/beadquilt/tempsquares/index.html)


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