Monday, January 28, 2008

A Few Squidoo For You

I've taken a liking to Squidoo, though I'm not really sure why...well, I think because it's a bit of a challenge and also because you can build in various types of interactive modules into your "lenses" (Squidoo's fancy word for web pages that are about opposed to...oh nevermind.)

Anyway, here are my lenses so far. They're rearranged quite a bit from my first post on the subject, and one or two seem to be getting a ton of hits, for reasons I've yet to figure out. Feel free to link to them! 8-)
  • Twisted Wire Earrings
    A tutorial on how to make delicate little wire and bead earrings.
  • My Bead Embroidery
    I update this lens every now and then with new surveys, "debates," polls, and other fun activities. Mainly, though, it's about the techniques I use to create certain pieces (thumbnails are included).
  • Mystical, Magical Beadwork
    Beadwork (mostly seed beads) that goes deeper, into myth, ritual, and self-discovery.
  • Bead Embroidery -- Awesome Artists
    This one I update a little at a time, to give just a taste of what's out there, and what the possibilities are.
  • Joseph Cornell, Artist
    A favorite artist of mine, this lens introduces him and provides lots of web and commercial resources.

UPDATE: Probably the easiest way to keep up with my Squidoo lenses is to "join my fan club." <--I know, I know, sounds hokey but that's how they are at Squidoo, LOL. The "fan club" link is below my avatar picture, on the left side of the page.

NOTE: You can subscribe to all of the lenses above (individually) by click the Subscribe button at the top of each page, or by retrieving or blogging it via a number of other options (scroll partway down the left side of each lens. That way you can be notified whenever the lens is updated.

Hasta la vista for now, y vaya con Dios!

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