Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Japanese Blossom Necklace

Japanese Blossom Necklace
Originally uploaded by mary_tafoya
Would you believe I found about 10 ft. of sterling silver chain I'd tucked away and forgotten about??? Well, everything around here is "getting chained" tonight.

I even snuck a few dunks into the liver of sulphur while the DH was out doing errands. Heck, my kitchen doesn't usually smell all that great anyway, he probably won't notice ::snorts!::

Well anyway...this necklace was made possible thanks to a great find by the aforementioned DH -- a box of vintage stuff from a silversmith's studio. I am still working my way, slowly, through the concho links (I suppose he intended to one day set stones in the bezels). Collaging them, painting, embedding little bits of things like tiny vintage rhinestones.

Click the image to see more details on the materials, in my Flickr photos. Or better yet -- this one's up in my Etsy shop, you can check it out there. 8-)


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