Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Bookshelf

custom bookshelf
Here's the built-in bookshelf that Ibrahim made for us. He built it in three sections, installed it in the house and then put molding along the ceiling and in front of the sections to cover the seams. Beautiful! It's maple.

I took this picture when it was first installed. At this point we have it more arranged, with all the DVD's and CDs up, and some of the books. Notice that Ibrahim built us a sturdy shelf for Squirt the Reluctant Turtle (she surved pneumonia at a very young age, but now I'm pretty sure she'd make a hearty meal for four...oh! I didn't say that!)

He also left a space for a small antique desk my mother gave my husband. Please ignore the retro turquoise chair. The MOTH (man oh the house) had found the brown multidrawered thing at Goodwill and brought it home for a mere 20 bucks or so. However, I had no idea what to do with it -- it is big and heavy, not at all petite (and neither is the turtle tank honeys). So I was going to give it away or something... and then we went aha! I'm gradually migrating family art supplies into the drawers, like gel pens, colored pencils, string and embroidery thread, pipe cleaners, etc.

I also now have a place for all my grad school books, papers, class binders, etc. I hate to throw all those research articles away after all that work... now I have a great spot to pile them up, sorted by class.

Next step is another maple shelf, a pony wall actually, with more space for DVDs and software disks, as well as a few games and heirloom toys.

Oh and speaking of home improvements... we got a beautiful new patio door, it actually opens and closes without waking the neighbors! It's also double paned and much warmer. Not an intentional improvement. But how can you fault Junior and his new ricocheting BB pistol when we really did need to replace the door anyway? Hmmm. I wonder what I can buy him so he'll break the old toilet?


  1. Mary, Your shelves are beautifully made. And what a convenience to have everything all in one spot. I'm jealous. Love the shelf for your turtle too!!

  2. Ha! I don't know about *everything* being in one spot...but we're getting there. [sigh] I'm such a packrat. You do NOT want to see the other side of that room.

  3. Fabulous!!!! Having the short shelf for CDs is a great idea. Oh, to be totally organized is one of my daydreams. Sigh.


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