Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Goddess for a Day?

Just not the particular goddess I would have chosen to be. Multitasking -- always makes me think of Lakshmi tho I know that's not what she's about. Y'all. Today while Betcey and Nikia were being pampered at La Bella, :-P~~~ I converted a big PDF into little PDF's (in between phone calls and emails) so I could save them as Word documents in order to convert them to HTML files I could then open in Dreamweaver and apply a stylesheet to. With a minimun of tweaking or actual thought. If anybody can think of a quicker, easier, hopefully mindless way to do this, feel free to let me know...

And then I drove (or rather rode) to Santa Fe CC for a presentation, and on the way realized I was coming down with the same odd little bug that Junior stayed home with today. It consists of a stinkin headache and a woozy tummy, and that's about it. Just sayin', in case someone out there gets it -- don't worry, you prolly won't hurl. During the presentation I sketched out an online course interface and some new sequin stitches, LOL.

Me and my coworker grabbed a quick and delicious lunch at Blue Corn Cafe, despite my tummy, then I raced into the kitchen store at the outlet mall to buy Junior an omelet pan for Christmas. (Shhhh!) They grow up so fast. ;-)

Then I came back to work just in time to leave again to pick up Junior's homework. I was going to speed back to work when the woozies hit me again and then I realized I'd get back 15 minutes before it was time to go home. So I popped into OFFCenter real quick to pick up -- Yay! -- a check and find out when to bring in what jewelry for their holiday fundraiser. Oh! It's Dec. 8, 2008 and there will be live music by Bonnie Bluhm!

At home I sat on a chair and vegetated for, oh, 10 minutes and then started picking things up (the force of gravity in this house is AMAZING, things seems to land on the floor more often and stay there longer than anyplace else on this astounding planet). The MOTH (man of the house) brought home groceries -- including ginger ale, thank goodness -- so after it got dark I sat on the couch, ate ginger cookies, and made up a few pairs of those twisted wire earrings they seem to love so well at OFFCenter.

Then I helped Junior review for a test and checked into my online course. I got sidetracked and converted some more PDFs... and now the turtle is sitting there staring at me forlornly as if to say "My Turn." [sigh].

Tomorrow we finally get to meet up with Betcey, Mark, Nikia and Big John at Zea's. Woohoo! (I hope I don't fall alseep in my big greek appetizer platter).

GOODNIGHT! 8-) from the some-kind-of-goddess-with-many-arms

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