Saturday, November 1, 2008


A joyful reunion -- this is about half of us. Sarah took the picture. Please do not look at my hair! We had just arrived, me after a long week of work and studying. None of that for me this weekend!

From left to right, it's Rita, Moi, Judy the Queen of Retreat Organizers, Bonnie and Suzanne. We rent rooms to get a good rate on a meeting room. Our meeting room is snug but perfect, and there is a door directly to a covered patio, where we can cook polymer clay.

Last night we ate at tres-SantaFe-ish The Shed. We entered through a secluded cobblestone courtyard, and wound our way through all the little rooms in the adobe walled restaurant that was once a family home and donkey shed, to the very back dining room reserved just for us -- it was so gorgeous! There was a large stained glass window, fireplace, huge mirror, and the walls were painted pink, so we were bathed in an amber pinkie glow all evening. Which added quite a nice ambience to my annual margarita gold. ;-)

Of course they always schedule me to teach after my annual margarita. So we played with wire and hammers. Yeah! Pictures to come...

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