Sunday, September 13, 2009

Giant Puppet Samba Parade!

Today I shot about half a gig of photos and video of OFFCenter's 7th Annual "We Art the People" Folk Art Festival and Giant Puppet Samba Parade. One of the samba guys said he thought it was the best one ever. The guys stayed all day and played for a really long time after the parade. They even left their drums set up around the music tent and played with the other bands too! I've just started going through the pictures and hope to be able to edit the video down to short snippets pretty soon.

This was a mother and daughter, hanging out and dancing after the
parade. The mom had the face mask and the daughter had a great
fish-topped costume thing going on! They were really short
compared to all the ginormous tall puppets.

This is, I assume, sister and bother.
The boy was really cute about posing for me.

The band was really great -- they rehearsed, along with a group of
samba dancers, before the parade so they looked really awesome
coming down the street. This photo was taken in the park after the parade.

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