Saturday, September 12, 2009

Rainy Road to Las Cruces

I do not like that stretch of road around Soccorro-Elephant Butte because we always seem to run into awful weather and bad memories of pile ups and freak hailstorms. Yesterday, thankfully, it was just a heavy rain, which brought out the wonderful smells of sage and chapparal.
Then beyond the storm the sun was setting and the clouds were so varied and awesome. I got lots of subtle sky shots that will make nice backgrounds.


  1. I do believe that stretch of road is cursed in some way - we've had similar experiences - last year we went down to Silver City for my 35th birthday and I thought I was going to die at 35 because the rain was so crazy - and Chris kept driving instead of pulling over like everyone else.

  2. Raine, it might be good he did. I hit a 6-in deep hailstorm there once and an RV pulled over, causing a huge chain reaction of wrecks, resulting in one person dying. I actually passed him slumped over the wheel, but it was hailing too hard to even consider stopping. I could glimpse other people on their cell phones so I sped on through there as fast as I could. In a few miles I was in sunshine again. I looked in my rear view and got cold chills at the blue/black cloud behind me!


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