Saturday, February 13, 2010

Olympic WT*&?@#???

Am I the only person who thought that techno show after the athletes walked in was the strangest thing they'd ever seen? Technologically adept, certainly, but odd, disjointed, and considering the amount of white people wore (yes, we know it was about snow), not very internationally appropriate (white is the color of death in many other places).

The people carrying the Olympic flag at the end reminded me of back-from-the-dead elders and Donald Sutherland's hair was just creepy -- they looked like pallbearers. And whose idea was it for KD Lang (awesome voice) to sing that particular Leonard Cohen song -- did anybody actually review the lyrics? (all I ever learned from love / was how to shoot at someone who outdrew me)

Sarah had to work last night so she Tivo'd the show -- she just texted me "Huh? Ice Totems?" Yeah. Which brings me to the other part. I loved watching (and hearing, when I could) the pow-wow dancers but some of that other indigenous stuff struck me as more than a tad exploitive. Maybe it's just me.

I guess if I want to see a tour de force of Western entertainment technology, I'll go see Avatar. The Olympics comes once in awhile and I thought the opening ceremonies were supposed to honor the possibility of coming together in the world. Watching the athletes come in was the best part. The rest of the show was just a very, very expensive mess.

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