Saturday, February 27, 2010

Speaking of Studios, Here's Sherri Haab

Oh! Oh! I'm editing this to include the link I meant to include when I first posted it...DUH!

A Room of One's Own (which lots of photos inside Sherri's Studio) at CrafterNews (by Crown Publishing).

There is this feeling of skepticism I get when I see pretty little pictures of pretty little studios and my inner cynic says "Yeah, right, how long did it take you to clean up for photo shoot?" (In my case, there may never BE a photoshoot.)

And were it not for her true confessions I might not have believed Sherri Haab either, with her clean white walls and simple trappings. But, I was convinced her studio is not a figment of my hopeful imagination or new set for a cable craft show when she talked about "studio creep" -- that thing that happens when your projects take over the rest of the house -- and being fueled by chocolate late at night.

In fact, I like it. I have learned to keep my workspace organized for over a year now, by decluttering daily and actually using my file cabinet. And having a good filing system. Maybe someday I too can have long blonde hair and a white walled studio? Surely, it's not too much to hope... sigh. Thank you, Sherri. :-)


  1. this is Sherri here, and glad you read the text in my book. just FYI, it probably took me 3 weeks to "clean up" for the photoshoot of the studio. But if you saw it before it would look staged in the other direction because who would believe someone works in the middle of a huge pile. The book would have to be sold in the "humor" section. Plus a girl's gotta have pride and so there you have it, me sitting on a clean spot in an otherwise hectic craft mess.

  2. Hi Sherri, thanks for stopping by. Actually, darn! I totally spaced out posting the link to your studios pictures...which were the whole inspiration for the post.

    I'll go back and edit the posting to put in a link to the CraftersNews website...

    Truly, I love your studio. It just seems so...unattainable to me right now! :-)


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