Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Drool Book of South American Folk Art

Another stunner from the Museum of International Folk Art, a super fat hardback with superbly photographed handmade art from the Andes (featured in the extended exhibit in Santa Fe). This book is reasonably priced from $50.00, signed  by the author, through the museum and at my local bookstore (Bookworks in Albuquerque's North Valley), to $35.00 on Amazon, with free shipping.

The book is written by Barbara Mauldin, and I have to say "Thank you Miz Mauldin and Mz. Bartlett (visionary founder of the museum), for pictures so real that I 1. cried when I opened the book to page 20-21; and 2. got chills on page 250. The big tome covers all the major media of the area, from pottery to weaving, to jewelry, to religious art and regalia.

The last time I felt like this about a book, it was The Shining Cloth. Judging by that experience, it looks like I'll be studying Folk Art of the Andes for a long time...

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