Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Random Etsy Things That Bother Me and What Moods They Put Me In

Calling a rhinestone a cabochon (and vice versa)
  • MOOD: Frustrated while searching
Referring to oneself as "we" apparently to try to impress people with your professionalism
  • MOOD: Unimpressed
Calling it "Lucite" just because it's plastic
  • MOOD: Concerned about accuracy
Overpriced vintage junk
  • MOOD: Scoffing
  • MOOD: Depressed
Calling anything more or less flat a "sequin" just to get more hits
  • MOOD: Irritated cause you're steppin on my search results
Being invited to join an exclusive group for sellers that has a membership of thousands and also encourages buyers to join
  • MOOD: Don't waste my time
821,000+ search results for "earrings"
  • MOOD: Heading for nearby cliff to leap from
People who complain about vintage items not being in perfect condition
  • MOOD: Almost a migraine
Constant updates to Etsy seller's pages
  • MOOD: Groaning but willing to learn new tricks


  1. Here's one:

    Tagging a book, bookmark, unlined journal, lined journal, homemade art journal, or notebook with a color copy of your sketchbook page on the cover a "zine." Not a zine.

    Mood: ready to write a zine about what is not a zine.

  2. Mustache soap on a stick making it to the front page of Etsy.

    Mood: Frothing at the mouth.

  3. haha, AJ, ROTFL about the mood...


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