Monday, June 20, 2011

Simple Art Attack Greeting Cards

While visiting my mother recently, I felt an art attack coming on. And me without any beads or art supplies! So I hustled on over to Joann's with my niece, who works there (lucky girl). While she headed for the beads section I was stopped in my tracks by the 40% off sale on all paper crafting supplies.

Next thing I knew, I was loading up my basket with a couple of postcard-sized cardstock pads and a box of 40 bright cards and envelopes. Couldn't resist those $1.00 rub on sheets, either, and then let myself go with a couple of K and Company goodies (so sparkly!). While I was at it, I picked up black and white gel pens, a glue stick, and one of those fancy corner punches.

At the register, I found out I also qualified for Allie's employee discount -- woohoo! That kept the bottom line down even more.

Back at mom's house, I searched and searched for some magazines or old books to cut up and collage onto the cards, but her coffee table was totally bare as she'd just sent her old mags out for recycling.

So we headed out for a quick trip to Borders, where even after scrounging the sale shelves once or twice, I hadn't found any pictures that moved me, until my nephew spotted a little book of world mythology for under $6.00.

Back home and still looking for something unique to affix to the cards, I think it was my mom who suggested using old lace. The upshot of that story is I came home with a huge bag of her vintage lace, most of which were purchased for making doll clothes, so they are tres petite and precious, and perfect for cards.

Banded card stock (punched at 2 corners), East Indian image,
presstype border,
vintage lace, teardrop rhinestone

Gold and purple cardstock (punched), Buddhist mandala,
vintage lace, rhinestone, white gel pen

Patterned card stock, 2 images from paintings,
flowered border sticker and vintage lace

Patterned card stock, image from a painting, rose stickers
(I have the urge to add some glitter to this one!)

All in all I've made 20 cards (2 batches of 10, each batch using one of each color in the box). Only 20 more cards to go, hehe. Although I'm back home now where so many other artsy things are distracting me...


  1. Love these Mary. Your work always looks so free and effortless ... as if it just tumbles out of your fingers that way.

  2. Aww, that is one of my goals, so thank you Drea.


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