Saturday, February 11, 2012

Buying Organizers Doesn't Make You Organized

As I embark on probably my third go-around in about five years, trying to squeeze a larger, dysfunctional studio into a smaller, brilliantly functional space (one can dream), I have finally surrendered -- buying more organizers is not going to make me organized.

But hey that didn't stop me from picking up a few of these vertical hanging jewelry organizers from Target. They're about $7.00 and they hold 24 items in clear pockets. Perfect for my inkpads!

They are just about the right width to hang on my bifold closet doors if need be, or here in the closet, there they only take up about 6 inches of space. They seem fairly sturdy, with stitching all around the pockets; and the hanger at the top comes up through heavy, folded canvas-type fabric.

And now I feel terribly clever. I have successfully moved 1/100th of what needs to be reorganized. Only 99/100ths to go!

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