Monday, February 13, 2012

World's Easiest Valentine Treat Cones

I didn't get photos of everything all finished but here's what I made this year:

TOOLS: The only tools you need are a stapler and a pair of scissors (unless you want to tear your paper by hand).

SUPPLIES: Here's what I used for the basic cone:
  • A square piece of paper (I used 6" x 6")
  • A slightly larger piece of tissue paper (I used 8" x 8")
  • One chenille stem (pipe cleaner)
  • An 18" to 24" length of ribbon
  • Valentine chocolates (3-4 pieces for each cone)

1. Fold the paper square into a triangle. The folded edge becomes the top of your cone.
2. Fold the chenille stem in half and pinch the fold. This pinched part will be stapled to the back of the cone.
3. Play with the shape of the end of the chenille stem to form a heart, overlapping circles, or other shape. For a sturdier hanging loop, wrap the ends of the wire tightly around the hanging loop. Now, set the shaped chenille stem aside for a minute.
4. Wrap the triangle of paper around itself, to form a cone. Try to get a pointy tip.
5. You'll have two overlapping triangles sticking up from the top. Fold the inside triangle over to the outside, and fold the outside triangle over to the inside. Pinch tightly while you pick up the shaped chenille stem.
6. Lay the chenille stem against the back of the cone, near the top, and using one staple, attach the stem to the outside of the cone. At the same time, your staple will be securing the folded triangles and the shape of the cone.  If you can't manage this with one staple, just use more staples.
7. Tuck the center of the ribbon between the cone and the chenille stem. This will keep the ribbon from sliding down off the cone.
8. Bring the ends of the ribbon around to the front, and tie a bow.
9. Gently push the tissue paper into the cone, being careful not to tear it. It helps to hold up one finger, then wrap the tissue paper around it before sticking it into the cone.
10. Put 2-4 pieces of candy into the tissue paper and serve!

  • Add stickers, tags, stamps, etc. text boxes, to the outside of the cone
  • Instead of tissue, use shredded papers, moss, or fabric inside the cone
  • Instead of ribbon, or in addition to it, use glitter tape, embellished wire, vintage lace, etc.
  • Instead of scrapbooking paper, use old book pages, Sunday Comics, paper bags, etc.

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