Tuesday, February 7, 2012

How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Type the Ways

Last night I wanted to print some Valentine-ish words to cut out and paste onto treat cones, so naturally I headed over to my trustiest font source, dafont! Check out the Valentine category (in Themes, under Holidays) or type in the keywords "heart" or "valentine." Here are a few of my favorites . . .

Heartland by Harold’s Fonts
Playful as all get-out, Heartland looks perfect for a sweet teen.

Hearts by Font de Material
I am always a sucker for a heart with wings...

Country Hearts by GorillaBlu
Not quite my style, but I have to admit -- this font would
be perfect on a greeting card.

Loverboy (no attribution)
Love me a little grunge! Still readable too, even at a small size.

Words of Love by Pizzadude
I'm kind of partial these days to faux fancy handwriting fonts.

Cupid de Locke by Lauren Thompson
See what I mean? Another handwriting font. Simple, friendly, readable.

Jules Love by Julesart
Might as well make it a trio. I like the way this font has a single height
for upper & lowercase letters. And like Cupid above, it's not overgrown with hearts.

Romantically Yours (no attribution)
Ahhhh, now this is perfect for short phrases. So romantic.

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