Monday, March 3, 2008

Proud Owner Death to All Humans Bead

Yes that's right folks, I am the proud (if somewhat confused) owner of a Chris Prussing geobead she tenderly named the "Death to All Humans Bead," not because it's hard to make (says she), but because it's probably laced with uranium. Ack!

True story. Here's a photo:

And it's MINE buahahahaha. It's made of glass beads (often called "vaseline glass"), not those plastic craft beads, and I'm assuming they're vintage.

By the way, Chris has some gorgeous beads, some that don't happen to glow in the dark, as well as the kits and tutorials to make them all, in her new-ish Etsy shop. They are right angle weave projects for the most part.

Back to the Uranium/Vaseline Glass Topic...

~From Beadcats:
Ok I promise not to sleep with it, wear it next to my thyroid or call it Fred.
~From 1st.Glass:
~A thread from the Aeclectic Tarot Forum (where members come to a concensus that uranium doesn't heal people...)
~And here's some info from the Oak Ridge gang (oh, great):

Hmmm. I guess I could make a cell phone charm out of it (that's a radiation joke, folks...).

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  1. Actually Chris tells me the beads aren't vintage. Wow, they're still mixing 'em up or using old glass to make the beads? (which would be scarier...hmmm I'll noodle on that one and hopefully Chris will be back to share more on these beads...)


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