Friday, March 14, 2008

Tubular Peyote Beadwork Video on YouTube

In this video by tsummerlee, you'll see how to create a large cylinder of beads using peyote stitch. She illustrates the elusive "step up" at the ends of the rows (in even count peyote stitch). And then she shows how to zip one end of the cylinder together to make a little pouch.

I really like that she narrates over slides instead of video because this is one YouTube tutorial that doesn't stop and start while it downloads -- you can actually watch it all the way through!

A couple of things I'd add to her already fine tutorial --If you're going to create a pattern, it's especially helpful to make sure the number of beads in each row (not the first row, but the rest of the project) is divisible by 12. That way you can create patterns that are based on repetitions of 2, 3, 4, 6 and 12! That's a lot of opportunity for pattern variations.

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  1. Thanks for the multiple of 12 idea. I've got to make a note of that. Could be very useful for someone like me who doesn't like to overly preplan!


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