Saturday, March 29, 2008

Psst! The Secret's Out (& Critique Me Please?)

I decided to split my one Etsy shop into two, and rather than move the gazillion supplies over, I'm leaving them there. I opened a new shop just for my handmade jewelry and artsy thangs:

Stay tuned for the stocking...the tweaking...the favorite-ing...the minis here and there...the figuring out all the various pages I need to update ...and all that.

And so in the spirit of new (shop) adventures, I thought I'd make the next poll (look left) something about your favorite stuff that I make. I can tell how many visitors, how many favorites, and of course how many sales, but what I can't get from that is a critique about what people like or don't like -- photographs, angles, descriptions, pricing, etc.

My poll questions will be about what jewelry you liked best in my old shop, or rather what jewelry you think I should stock my new shop with. Notice I didn't say "buy" -- I just want to know what stuff wowed you the most (if at all...)

So... I would LOVE it if you'd comment here, as well as vote in the April poll.

Here are some links to get you started...

Lilac Peyote Stitch Tassel Earrings

Pink Ballerina Rhinestone Earrings

Trade Bead Hoops -- Mixed Metals

Spring Queen -- recycled metal brooch

Japanese Blossom Metals Necklace
(I think this one needs to be re-shot)

Do ya like these photos? Pricing? Do ya think they are a good fit for the new shop? Which pieces do you think are the best? And which leave you going "huh?" or "duh?" Honesty. I can take it. 8-)

and yes I'll be so embarrassed if nobody comments...LOL!


  1. I think it's neat that you can split your shop.

    After looking at those particular pictures, I really like the photography. What really appeals to me were the different shots of each piece. Showing them from all angles is a plus. I like the descriptions also.

    Pricewise, it's a little high for my area, but we are not a tourist mecca either. Prices are not outrageous for many areas of the country.

    Hope this was of some help.


  2. Hey Arline, thanks for taking the time to look 8-) I really appreciate it. I think I'm getting better at the photography -- now I understand why people enjoy shooting their work.

    Funny, one person today told me my prices were low. I think in some ways I go by how much brainwork is involved and how many tools I have to use. Maybe that is not the ultimate pricing strategy, LOLOL!

  3. Hi Mary. I think your pricing is fine, at least by what my daughter pays for things. I'd say they are well priced for middle class. That means a bit pricey but not too much for me and a great price for my sister.

    I wish I could have seen the back side of the ballerina. I always wonder if it's a rounded brass piece, flat or is it hollow. Knowing would help me know how it would look wearing it and figure in my decision. If it were hollow versus the others I probable wouldn't want to pay as much as for other pieces that weren't hollow.

    Your pictures were of good quality for viewing the product and descriptions are well done. Telling the dimensions is important and I've seen some sites that don't tell you.

    If I wore more jewelry I'd have no problem buying your hoop earrings.

    Does this help any?

  4. Hey Free, pricing varies so much doesn't it? Privately people are suggesting that I raise them a bit.

    Good suggestion about the ballerinas -- stampings vary so much it's hard to know if what you're getting is lightweight or a hollow, thin piece. And not being able to see all angles of other people's stuff is something I tend to complain about! So thanks!

  5. Beautiful stuff! I love the recycled jewelry (very unique) & the beadwork. Fabulous prices!!! The photography is excellent, too. :)

  6. Hi Karen, thank you for the feedback! I've been working on more recycled and repurposed things, I figure they're unique among the flood of jewelry on Etsy. I appreciate you weighing in!


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