Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Spot Stitching Sequins

Crystal's comment got my mind a-workin' (did you feel the storm???) on breaking down my sequin tutorials into smaller, bloggable pieces.


The easiest thing to do with sequins is to string them in your beadwork and jewelry.

Stack them for a long chunk of color (but be aware that some sequins have very little color on the edges, like Oreo cookies the best part is always in the centers!)

You can also add sequins just one or two at a time to earrings or in beaded fringe. I've seen subtle floral effects created this way.


Spot stitching is the easiest stitch when working with sequins. You can use a heavy or light fabric, but if you use a light fabric, you might want to put it in a hoop or frame while sewing, and/or back it with an iron-on interfacing to strengthen it a bit. And, if you plan to wash the fabric, you should take the time to knot frequently.


You'll need a few sequins -- cupped or flat will work fine -- and a few seed beads, size 10, 11 or smaller. Make sure your beading needle will pass through the seed beads.

You'll also need:
  • for practice, a small piece of fabric (cloth, ultrasuede, bead backing, Ez Felt, etc.)
  • beading or quilting thread (I use Silamide, or Nymo if there isn't a lot of weight to the piece)
  • a beading needle (size 12 will work with size 11 beads)
  • scissors


1. Tie a knot in your thread before coming up from the back of the fabric.

2. Pick up one sequin and one seed bead.

3. Go back down through the sequin, bypassing the seed bead.

4. Repeat 2 and 3, and tie a knot behind the fabric when you're done.

The seed bead will anchor the sequin.

Variations: Go for a scattered effect. Place cupped sequins face down, instead of face up. Stack more than one seed bead and see what happens!

Tonight I'll hunt for some pictures of "spot stitch in action!"



  1. Great tutorial! Now I need to go dig up my stash of sequins I bought at a yard sale ages ago!

  2. This is that "enabling" thing, isn't it.

    Darn you. Now I need to stash sequins.

  3. You started it.

    Buahahahahahahahahaha! ;-)


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