Sunday, October 5, 2008

September Poll Results: If You Were a Bead

Seventy-six of you beautiful peoplez chose one bead from a list of 10 that matched, as closely as possible, the bead you'd be. Some of you suggested beloved beads that I had totally forgotten about, or didn't have room for on such a short list.

As for me, I'd be a Kiffa bead -- rare, highly collectible, skillfully made with women's saliva in the back country of Mauritania (don't ask). That's the bead I'd like to be, but if I'm honest, the bead I really am is probably the fire polished crystal -- affordable and versatile. You know, middle class glass. ;-)
Here are the poll results:
  • Lampwork focal 13 (17%) -- "Unique, creative artisan style"

  • Chunk of red coral 11 (14%) -- "Bold and natural, with an ethnic flair"

  • Labradorite 11 (14%) -- "Mystical, magical seer"

  • Opaque truecut 10 (13%) -- "Vivid color with a hint of sparkle"

  • Green kyanite 10 (13%) -- "Earth-bound but daring, like the fairies"

  • Faceted amethyst 8 (10%) -- "Classic, quality, understated elegance"

  • Swarovski crystal 6 (7%) -- "Elegant, classy and finely cut"

  • African trade bead 4 (5%) -- "A well-crafted, well-travelled treasure"

  • Fire polished crystal 3 (3%) -- "Affordable and versatile"

  • Victorian jet 0 (0%) -- "Rich black sparkle, the Queen's favorite" (What? Know great-grandmothers in the bunch? No steampunk goth girls? Interesting...these beads are some of my quickest sellers.)


  1. I don't see crystal as middle class. I can't afford enough of it to make the stuff they are showing in the bead magazines. I get so tired of seeing huge gobs of it I didn't renew the magazines (besides patterns that just aren't thrilling). Maybe the jet sells to non-beaders. It seems a lot of beaders love the variety of colors beads can show instead of black. That's my own uneducated guess for whatever it counts.

  2. OH, I didn't mean the Swarovskis and whatnot, I meant fire polished crystals, which aren't actually crystals, they're just glass beads. 8-) Here is a post about them from awhile back:

    The jet I have (which reminds me, I really need to put some up on Etsy) aren't jet either, LOL. But they cool and vintage and come in lots of neat shapes. I don't use them as much as other nailheads myself because a lot of mine have two holes...I don't have the patience I used to to stitch through both of them...

    As always, I love hearing from you 8-) Been sick this weekend and it was nice to log on and see your comment. 8-)


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