Saturday, September 6, 2008

September Poll: If you were a bead...

. . . which bead would you be?

Please vote in the poll to the left. I know, I put up only 10 choices. I can hear the grumbles! If you are a bead I didn't mention, feel free to post it in a comment. BUT you must describe why you chose that bead! Or I will... why I'll... flog you with a hank o'truecuts!

Ok here's the key (read this before voting):

If I was a bead, I'd be a(n)...
  • Swarovski crystal -- elegant, classy and finely cut
  • Opaque true cut -- vivid color with a hint of sparkle
  • Chunk of red coral -- bold and natural, with an ethnic flair
  • Lampwork focal -- unique, creative artisan style
  • Faceted amethyst -- classic, quality, understated elegance
  • Green kyanite -- earth-bound but daring, like the fairies
  • African trade bead -- a well crafted, well travelled treasure
  • Victorian jet -- rich black sparkle, the Queen's favorite
  • Labradorite -- mystical, magical seer
  • Fire polished crystal -- affordable and versatile


  1. Opaque true cut, although I hear, now that we've all learned to call them true cuts, that it's okay to call them size 11 charlottes...wouldn't you just know it!

  2. I voted for labrodorite, although if there had been a choice for carnelian, I would have gone for it.

  3. beadbabe, you're kidding? I always loved to call them charlottes. But I guess true-cut is a bit more descriptive. Just a bit. I was weaned on size 13-0 charlottes btw.

  4. Hmmm... I only saw the poll on the sidebar at first. Debated for a second (I was almost Victorian jet)& clicked "red coral".

    Didn't notice the descriptions until after (who me? play by the rules?) but now I like my choice even better!

    Which would you be Miz Mary?

  5. Hey Miz Drea -- I would be a Kiffa bead - rare, finely crafted ;-) made by women with saliva and ground glass over a fire. But since I didn't put my fave beads on the list, I picked labradorite. I like your choice for you too. Either one would have worked. Go with your gut though, right? Right!

  6. Oh boy, well my first inclination was Swarovski crystal, my second Labradorite and since I'm the opposite of elegant, classy and finely cut, well you get the picture...

  7. I am a chunk of amber. I'm not sure if I should say any more, as I may just incriminate myself!!!
    Okay..... perhaps a little~
    warm to the touch, smooth, see through except for those opaque bits that are so darn intriguing!
    Cheers, Denise

  8. Grace -- aw c'mon now! Maybe (like me) you're a Swarovski on the *inside* LOL!

    And wow Denise, this thread is getting hotter! Doesn't amber also carry a bit of an electrical charge?

    All these beads I hadn't thought of that I should have included. [sigh]

  9. Well, I clicked on red coral- love it and the discription fits, BUT the side of me I hide from the world makes me a Fire Opal. Glinting shades of soft color when you look from different directions. Beautiful firey color laying beneath the sparkle well seen. Mysterious Stone.

  10. Well, if it's true they are have a charge, that would go even further to me understanding why I love it so much! I mess up all the electrical things around me! Ha! Intriguing!
    Cheers, Denise

  11. Even though I chose Lampwork because I like to think I'm an original, I was torn between that and my usual love for the flashiness of Swarovski crystals. Tough choice.....

  12. Yeah.. Yeah... that's IT, I'm a swarovski on the inside!

  13. I chose an opaque true cut for myself, because I love vivid colors and sparkle is a must for me! I learned to call the larger sizes truecuts, and the smaller ones Charlottes, and the prize of my stash is a hank of 24K Charlottes I bought from Beki!

  14. I've always been an Amethyst--how did you know to include it?!


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