Friday, September 12, 2008

Autumn Nights and Daze

Oh! Oh! I snagged a Treasury! At a normal reasonable hour of the evening too! So I gathered up some Etsy images (jewelry, clothing, paintings, photography, prints) of how I feel about this time of year -- the rose hips harvest, crisp cold nights, high mountain apples, tall grasses going to seed, and most of all, the going within, the solitary walks along the irrigation canals. The crows! I love this time of year. Finally we are not sweltering, all of a sudden, it seems, I'm wearing a sweater in the morning. Drinking hot green tea with cardamom instead of cold fruity drinks. I'll keep looking around on Etsy for the next few days to bring some more handcrafted art into my little gallery. Oh and if you're registered at Etsy, feel free to comment about Autumn Nights and Daze.

The capture below is what it looked like last night (you can click the link to go to the Treasury, at least for the next 3 days or so):

etsy handmade items

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