Saturday, September 27, 2008

Soul of the Cook

One of my favorite cookbooks is online. It's called Serving the Guest: A Sufi Cookbook and Art Gallery. It's been up for years, thankfully(!) so whenever I need to fix something simple but unique and different from my usual New Mexican and kid food cuisine, I like to try new things from there.

But tonight I'm making an old favorite, called Tabakh Ruhu, or Soul of the Cook, a delicious eggplant and tomato dish with meat. I make it with ground lamb and fire roasted tomatoes and serve it over rice. For my veggie friends, I'll make a separate pot with tofu, which I haven't actually tried before.

And now I'm off to shop for groceries and a new rice cooker! I'm looking for one that is not aluminum and is bigger than my 2-cup standby. It has proven not so easy to locate -- Walmart was out so I don't even know what they carry. I hit a couple of similar stores with no luck so I think I might have to go to a cooking store or department store. Wish me luck, dinner is at 7:00!


  1. My daughter bought me a rice cooker at Costco. I really like it but it doesn't do brown rice as well as it says it does.

    I never found that McCain Photoshop thingy. Boohoo.

    I hate tofu! It cannot be disguised as everyone says it can. It's just a bitter bit of yuck. I end up using potatoes as a substitute for the most part. Sometimes an additional veggie in place of the meat and sometimes a dish is good minus the meat with no substitute. But there are those who swear by their tofu. I sure don't know why.

  2. Hola Miz Free -- my guests loved the tofu version and even I thought it was palatable. Normally the only way I eat it is as a spiced up substitute for eggs. We are still gnoshing on the lamb version for dinner tonight!

  3. I once complained to a friend that my rice always turns out like paste...and she suggested that I go to an Asian Market to get a good rice cooker. I never did go...but the suggestion made sense! LOL!
    xoxo, Rosa


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