Sunday, September 14, 2008

Albuquerque Fiber Arts Fiesta

Ronda Kivett asked a question in her Charlie for VP comment about the Albuquerque Fiber Arts Fiesta.

The answer is YESSIREE! I love the Fiber Arts Fiesta. It is a biannual gathering of all the fiber arts guilds in New Mexico, including the New Mexico Bead Society, silk painters, lace makers, doll artists, weavers, quilters, and more. Usually it's held on Memorial Day weekend.

There is always a featured artist from New Mexico. There are lots of demonstrations, and each guild gets a booth to show their wares and perhaps sell specialty items such as books and patterns to support their guild. The NMBS usually also buys an extra booth for its members to sell from. And there are other vendors -- my favorite being Treasures of the Gypsy [no website], where I always plan to lose most of my money. And then some. ;-) She specializes in exotic trims, fabric yardage, and funny little geegaws and embellishments like embroidered sequins and such from India, with an emphasis on dollmaking. (I cannot, however, seem to say "Treasures of the Gypsy" without sounding like I've had a couple of beers.)

I'm kind of sad that South Beach Trimmings doesn't come to the show any more -- he has the absolute wildest trim I've ever seen gathered in one place. Maybe he'll come back in 2009?

The FAF also has a fashion show, exhibit, and other events. One year I helped Nikia babysit the 9/11 Bead Quilt -- a very moving experience for sure.

So yes, Ronda, maybe you can come to town for a visit that weekend. . . certainly there are other things for the family to do while you spend a few hours trolling. . . er, cruising . . . er, shopping . . . er, participating in educational activities at the FAF.

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  1. Now this sounds fun! I KNEW you would know what it was all about Mary. I may be able to make it too. If my calculations are correct, I think Waverly's last day of school is the day before this starts. So this might be do-able!

    But if I can't make it, I expect to see pictures of the mayhem on your blog ;-)


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