Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Go Juni and Winter News

Woot! After second place finishes in every tourney he's been in the last year, Junior got his first First Place finish last weekend in Vegas (grappling). Please notice the guy who got second is about a foot taller and probably a couple of years older. Hehe.

So yeah, that's where I've been. That and under the weather with a post-semester cold. Two weeks off for Christmas, can't wait!

Shipped a bunch of Etsy packages today after staying in bed all day with a slight fever. Brushed up on our famous American outlaws on the History channel, but after dozing through parts of the whole marathon, I still couldn't tell ya who shot Billy the Kid or why Wyatt Earp went nuts (personally I think it was his last name...)

Will I ever have time to make jewelry again? I finally conceded that I cannot keep two Etsy shops open this Spring and take two grad classes, so I temporarily closed my jewelry shop, bringing most of my inventory over to OFFCenter to the Christmas show, where sales have been pretty good so head on over if you're looking for great handcrafted holiday gifts at a good price.

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  1. Congratulations to Junior!

    Lincoln County Sheriff Pat Garrett killed Billy the Kid. It seems to me that syphilis made Wyatt Earp nuts. I watched the History Channels shows too but darned if I can remember for sure.


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