Saturday, December 5, 2009

Precious Trivia Quiz

Wow. Last night I saw the best movie I've seen in years. On so many levels. Mulling it over this morning, it's like there are overlapping constellations of perfection -- the dialogue among the girls at the alternative school, the acting by folks we have previously only known as comediennes, the film quality, obviously the story line -- everything from the opening typography to the closing credits was inventive and moving. Swear!

Yes, I can see where the critical reviews are coming from. And I have to admit the movie was so intriguing it drew me in to where I thought I had gotten acclimated to the emotional content, and then it sucker punched me by breaking my heart in one powerful scene by
Gabourey Sidibe. But I vote this best picture of the 21st century. :-) I just wish there was an Academy Awards category for "best cameo" because it would be a toss-up between Mariah Carey and Lennie Kravitz, as well as Sherrie Shepherd. They delivered.

And so, for all you Precious fans or potential fans, here's a Trivia Quiz for ya. I thought I'd start with the Answers first, then post the Questions later... hehe.

1. Mongo
2. Fat
3. Stop screaming.
4. What color do you think I am?
5. Insect

Ok -- so what are the questions???


  1. Hi Mary,

    I am passing on this award to you! I hope you will accept it. I love your blog!!

    Here is the info on the award, and the instructions of what to do to accept it


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