Thursday, December 24, 2009

Posole & Cell Phones

My motherboard crashed. So I bought a new tower. My hubbie gave me a cell phone. It doesn't work. I exchanged it and that one doesn't work. Ya think this is a not so subtle hint I might want to let go of the technology for the holiday? :-) My new computer wasn't sposed to be ready until Monday, but they called today to say it was ready and I just wanted to say "Keep it for awhile, ok?" But hubbie was having none of that, so he's racing over there to pick it up.

Meanwhile, the house is filled with the smell of posole and cinnamon (I bought a bag of scented pine cones and I keep moving them around the house cause they're so strong!). At 6:00 the friends and relatives will start coming around and we'll chow down on piles of empanadas, wedding cookies, posole and tamales. Lord, help me get this house ready...

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