Saturday, July 10, 2010

Mudcloth Cabbage Rose

I have been coveting those scrumptiously shabby ribbon and lace roses you see all over Etsy and so last night I googled how to make them. Being somewhat naturally rebellious, do you think I followed the instructions and used fabric that was appropriately pink and refined?

Of course not. Well my choice was something of an accident. I was puttering around the "studio" this morning (that disaster area where I have to be careful not to bump into things lest there be an avalanche), when I ran across some mudcloth scraps Sarah sent me.

So here is my first result. Do you know how difficult it is to tear mudcloth or even cut it with good sewing scissors? This reminds me of something you'd see at the natural history museum (like the petrified hairball of a rhinoceros). I'll keep trying. Next time I'll use fabric that wants to become a rose...


  1. Hehe...I'm sitting here beading and watching the original little shop of horrors movie, and that looks like something Audrey Jr might have spawned.

  2. you know what i like about it? it is that this fabric doesn't want to be a rose, so it has that kind of beautiful element of resistance within it - where the fabric is fighting to unravel itself, but is bound within the rose structure. I love it.


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