Monday, July 2, 2007

Bead Journal Project for June

SPOILER WARNING: If you don't want to see Bead Journal Project photos until later in our year, turn the page now. Or close your eyes. No peeking! ;-)

Managed to finished our first month's "page" just 1 day late -- not bad considering I did a month-long grad school class online, taught 2 bead class sessions, had a hard drive crash, and oh yeah, there's the 40-hour a week job... Not complaining mind you. But I will if this happens every month! Hehe. I was telling my students that all you need to do is a comfortable arm's length of thread each night and you can get quite a bit of work done each week. Without the repetitive strain injuries, mind you. ;-)

Ok -- so have you other BJP participants decided whether to look at pictures or not? If the answer is "No," then hit the back button NOW... But if you do want to take a peek, here you go:

I know. I really should have cleaned the mirror before scanning...
"Mirror, Mirror" is about 4-1/2" x 7", bead embroidered on cloth
that was wrapped around some nonwoven polyester bead backing.



    i love it! that is some fine work you did there, and you can be very proud of it. you've inspired me and i think i know how i will be spending the rest of my evening. thanks, i needed that !!

    kathy in texarkana, texas

  2. Very cool Miss Mary, I find it extremely appealing, so much so - I need to go back and look again and see what I missed on the first glance.

  3. Oh I peeked I peeked. I love it.
    I finished mine on the first also.
    I would say your life is a tad bit busy Mary, but only a tad bit.LOL.
    Oh I finally did it. I joined the NMBS today. Hey it only took me 5 years of living out here to join.
    I guess I am slow but sure.
    I can't wait to see what you do for July.

  4. Love it! You do some very fine, creative work. Photographs are sure picky aren't they? I took pictures of my beaded flowers, loaded and viewed them on my computer and realized I had to wash the dust off and rephotograph them! Sooo much dust!

    I can't believe how different each person's page is. I don't know how anyone can wait till September to peek.

    Can't wait to see what you do for July.

  5. This is really wonderful! I love the spiderweb acoss the mirror and the colors of your fabric and beads are very June to me. You must be very, very good at organizing your time! With the schedule you describe, I would be passed out on the floor long before now, probably covered in beads. LOL

  6. Lookin' great, as expected. Wowzer! There's some reason you didn't clean the mirror... now what could that be??? Love it, Mary!

  7. Oh, thanks for sharing. I'm like grace, gotta keep looking. I wonder if those are beads under the chalkboard?

    You've also inspired me, as I am going back to work, and I'll look to you to know it's possible to still have art time, too!!

  8. Absolutely gorgeous and absolutely expressive....
    I love it. Love the land of enchantment too... my brother lives down there and am hoping to get down to Albuquerque soon...

  9. Love it...... very, very nice.

  10. I like it....alot!!! Love the whole thing in fact, great color!

  11. I love all that you did with the mirror Mary :o) It's giving us a chance to "look into" and share your art life, is what it's saying to me ;o) I saw some of your work through Ronda's zine and then your site. Need to definitely spend some time on your other sites :o) Thanks for sharing,

    Lillian in WA

  12. This piece is VERY COOL. Obviously I'm going to have to start trying to think outside of the box!

  13. Love, love, love this! The mirror theme, the spiderweb, the flowers .... lovely and evocative.

  14. Mary --

    I love the mysterious nature of your piece AND the New Mexico sunshine I feel radiating from it!

    Kathy V in NM

  15. What is Ronda's zine? I saw it on a comment here and would like to see your ART! in it.

  16. I love how playful this is, the colors are rockin'!


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