Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Finding Flow, or I wanna be Joe

Who's Flo? No silly, it's the title of a book by a guy whose name I can't even pronounce, much less spell. But it's a great summer read (not new, just new to my hands...). Easy to read, accessible -- plus I learned a new word -- autotelic. :-)

Finding Flow: The Psychology of Engagement with Everyday Life

The author describes how Joe, a factory worker, thrived happily in the workplace, and pursued creative interests outside work, finding "flow" (absorption) in both, *unlike* his coworkers, who didn't quite grok him...he could fix anything in the plant, and at night he and his wife built rock gardens and fountains next to his house. Joe was HAPPY. 8-)

Speaking of fountains, today we drove up to the Tinkertown Museum in the mountains outside Albuquerque, where Ross Ward spent 30 years or so building walls out of concrete and glass bottles, carving wood, painting signs (he was a circus sign painter by trade), and assembling dioramas and "dollhouses".

My favorite quote of his:

"I did all this while you were watching TV"

Hehe. Now I know what to (maybe) say when people look aghast, confused, or pat me on the head right before they say "How long did it take you to bead this?"


  1. My kids and I seldom to never watch television. We read, my son surfs and goes to school (he's 34 in August but who's counting), and my daughter would rather play with her kids or pets or do a craft (she will sit in front of the boob tube if her husband insist she sit with him). Just think what the world could accomplish if there were no tv. Every home could sport a bottle tree! ( Are there enough bottles?)

    That was fun as was your posting.

  2. Mary, I love that statement.
    You know I have had people say to me," do you think you have to much time on your hands". And my reply, is "no, I just use my time creatively."
    My step daughter and her kids are due in from Az any time now. Because of your post we just decided we would take them to that.


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