Friday, July 6, 2007

Birdbrella and the Thin-skinned Man

Hehe. This little journal was to be for bead designs and reminders and such. But when the BJP started I committed myself to drawing a little bit every day. I had bought this great little notebook at Borders with my 20% off coupon. It has ruled pages, blank pages, and grid pages, as well as folder pockets, zipper bags, photo holders, and a neat plastic cover that will expand for a bit of collage (seen above). The cost was about $6.99 before the coupon. The pages are about 4.5" x 6".

I started doodling (more to come later...) and then a few days ago I cut out pictures from a book that didn't sell at our recent yard sale, snipped them to size and glued a few down rather randomly throughout. The rest I stashed in the pockets for later. A glue stick, white out marker, and black gel pen are making for a whole lotta fun! This is the page I did around 1:00 a.m. last night after working on some bead class handouts.

I'm enjoying this silliness so much I went to Borders and bought another similar journal for Fall!


  1. thank you for sharing. i haven't the patience to wait, especially when i can go and peek now.

    i love birdbrella !! i so long to be an artist. my def. of artist or crafter is this: (and i am a crafter) an artist can draw or paint or somehow make their own pictures. a crafter usually does projects. i guess i should say, that is how i decide what to call myself.

    and i love the sounds of the journal you bought !! i love to do altered books, and wow, the things a person could do with a book like that.

    sorry to run on so,
    kathy in texarkana

  2. Kathy -- I think I share your definition, thanks for helping me clarify. I've let my drawing, sketching, and painting slip over the years, now I want the drawing back. Maybe even the painting too. We shall see what time and practice bring!!! Thanks for stopping by 8-)

  3. Wow, you just inspired me and probably a whole lotta others! My journal is your original thought, just notes and scribbles of ideas that crop up. Nothing done everyday or artsy. I love yours. I will have to find a quote I've seen about craft vs. art. Basically there were 3 things one of which I can't remember but the crafter is one with skill to produce art and the artist the one with skill and HEART to produce art. I think there are many artists afraid to claim artist because they aren't the big guys (Rembrandt and ilk). If you do more than put together kits, you are an artist. Please don't denigrate yourself so! What I have seen on your blog is art! Original stuff, art! ART! (I've just learned that capitals are shouting on the web). Did you hear me?


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