Monday, July 23, 2007

Contributor Guidelines for Bead/Jewelry/Mixed Media Artists

Here's an October 2007 update to the links and info below...I added links to Stringing magazine, and corrected a few others. Let me know if you have additions or corrections to add!

Here are all the beadwork, jewelry and mixed media publications I know of that accept unsolicited article queries and work to be featured in their gallery pages. Each mag has its own procedures -- some pay, some don't; some request you send a brief email first, some have deadlines, themes, etc. Improve your odds of getting published by familiarizing yourself with each magazine and its submission guidelines!

Note: all the links ending in .pdf require Adobe Acrobat Reader to open.

Altered Arts Magazine

Art Jewelry (Kalmbach)

ATC Quarterly (Artist Trading Cards only)

Bead and Button (Kalmbach)

BeadStyle (Kalmbach)

Beadwork (Interweave)

Bead Unique (All American Crafts, Inc.)

Belle Armoire (Somerset Studio)

Cloth, Paper, Scissors (Quilting Arts)

The Crafts Report

Jewelry Crafts (Miller Magazines)

Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist (Interweave)
Guidelines not available online...try this link:

query the editor here:

Piecework Magazine (Interweave)
Editorial and calendar guidelines:


Quilting Arts (Interweave)

Simply Beads (Annie's Attic/Dynamic Resource Group)

Somerset Studio

Step By Step Beads (Interweave)

Step By Step Wire Jewelry (Interweave)

Stringing (Interweave)
Enter the Stringing Challenges:


  1. Wow. That's a lot of work to help people out. Very nice of you. You help make the world a nicer place.

  2. Thank you 8-) It took a little web searching when I first put it together, now I just have to add and tweak it now and then.

  3. Thanks Mary - I find myself being drawn more towards mixed media and altered art and am constantly looking for sources of inspiration AND places to send the results of my perspiration should I ever get bold enough!

  4. I don't know if you'd be interested in posting some Canadian Magazines as well, but "A Needle Pulling Thread"
    is a good publication, they concentrate on fiber arts, however, they are very interested in beaded jewelry :

    And we also have a new beading magazine called "Canadian Beading":

  5. Thank you Jewels! Just the kind of info I'd love to include. 8-)


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