Sunday, July 22, 2007

Ronda Kivett's Bead E Art Zine

Someone asked about this zine elsewhere in my blog... so it occurred to me it's high time to talk about Ronda.

Ronda Kivett is constantly exploring new creative territory. Seven issues and I'm not sure how many years ago, she started her own little self-published magaZINE about beadwork, creativity, dollmaking, polymer clay, and more. Each issue has a theme and sub-themes. It's the only zine I keep and treasure for almost-ever -- I keep them in their original manila shipping envelopes, even.

I mentioned the most recent issue -- #7 -- because Ronda included some of my beaded ATCs in the pages. Here's a link to Ronda's home page, where you'll see a link to her zine (and her free goddess doll patterns, and her artwork, and her general loveliness ;-)

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