Sunday, March 18, 2012

Angel Heart Pendant

Been travelling for several days, lastly to Bead Fest up in Santa Fe. It was kind of an angel-filled weekend, so I made a kind of an angel pendant with some of my loot. Resin clay is an excellent hotel room project!

The Crystal Clay (color: Latte) and vintage rhinestones came from Beyond Beadery. The huge pendant finding came from Singaraja Imports. My friend Cheryl T. brought up a whole container of beads and pearls in blues and bronzes, so I used them to create this "kind of an angel."

To keep the hole open while mushing the resin clay around, I used part of the toothpick that comes in the resin clay package (each package includes a bit of wax on the toothpick to help pick up rhinestones). Once I finished pressing in the beads and rhinestones, I removed the toothpick from the hole. And now to root through the rest of Cheryl's gift to come up with a necklace and bail!


  1. Oooh, I really like this color way!

  2. Mary, how awesome that you got to go to BeadFest! One of these days I'll have to go -- one of my best friends is from New Mexico, and now I'm curious about the area. And the food. :)

    I looked through your sequins tag, and I'm so excited that you teach sequin embroidery classes! And that you sell vintage sequins. I will most definitely include you in my list of suppliers in an upcoming embroidery post I'm planning.


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