Monday, March 5, 2012

How much epoxy resin clay do you need?

I've been having a ball with the new Crystal Clay, the colors are amazing and it's really expanding my ability to put found objects together fairly quickly. But it's expensive and I don't want to waste any. When I mix both parts together, then have too much or too little, I end up wasting the Crystal Clay. For quick projects, it's easy enough to keep a variety of settings on hand. 

But I can't always work on multiple project at the same time, 'cause I tend to get pretty detailed with the rhinestones and whatnot. In case you didn't know, you have an hour or so before the clay starts to set up. 

So, I figured out this way of mixing just the right amount of two-part epoxy clay for each setting, with no waste.
Tools and materials you'll need:
  • A blank jewelry setting, tray setting, bezel setting, or other shape to fill with epoxy clay.
  • Two-part Epoxy Clay (such as Crystal Clay).
  • Optional: Something to cut the clay with. You can also just pinch it.
  • Rubber gloves while mixing the clay.
1. Pinch off a piece of Part A (the hardener).  I use Part A because it’s not as sticky as Part B (the colorant).
  • Roll it into a ball.
  • Work the ball into the setting.
  • Add more clay if necessary, or take some away by returning it to the Part A package.

2. Once you have the exact amount you want for the setting, remove the clay from the setting.
  • Shape it into a cube. You could also roll it into a ball or a log.
    (I like the cube because it’s easier for me to measure visually, and slice in half.)
3. Cut or pinch the cube in half.
  • Return one half to the Part A package.
  • Roll the other half into a ball (or log, or cube).
4. Pinch off a piece of Part B (the colorant).
  • Roll it into a ball.
  • Add or remove clay as necessary until the Part B ball is the same size as the Part A ball.
  • Mix the clay as directed.
  • Roll into a ball.
  • Work the mixed clay into the setting.

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