Wednesday, March 28, 2012

New Studio: Let There Be Pink!

Receiving confirmation from Our Lady of Magenta.
(And you thought nothing was happening in the studio...)

A free desk from St. Jude! Or, just "Jude" as he's known around 500 Second.
It has deep, sturdy drawers and a beat up top that won't mind
taking a pounding from my steel block and hammers.

Remember the plant I put in here to see if it would grow?
Thank you Antonia! It seems to be reaching in all directions for the light.

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  1. Yay, I love seeing your studio progress! I am plugging away at mine too. Maybe it's a spring thing? At least, I am noticing many of my creative friends doing the same. When (and IF) I finish, mine will be far more functional than before, but nowhere near as pretty as yours.

    And I think your plant is a type of Wandering Jew. If so, it should get HUGE in that light :)


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