Saturday, March 24, 2012

Oh Where Oh Where Has My Widdle Blog Gone?

I just learned that I can't travel and stay home at the same time. What? I also learned that I can work full-time, but not at 2 full-time jobs. I learned that even when you're renovating a house it still gets regular messy. I also learned that I haven't completely forgotten how to belly dance! And in some ways it's even easier than it was 15 years ago because I have more to shake. So yeah, these are transformational times. ;-)
Ma touching sis's quilt
Here's a partial rundown of the past 2 weeks:
  • Visited my mom again for a few days. It was perfect. Except for the 4-hour layover in Chicago, which was kind of boring. Found out it's not that easy to hire someone else to move 3 pieces of antique furniture for you. Oh and I might have raided my sis's fabric. Again. Status: Abundance on all levels
  • Spent a couple of fun days with Junie and the MOTH during Junie's spring break. Status: We are a family and that is good
  • Sarah/Beadnik and I got to take a basic resin casting class at Bead Expo. Status: More precious memories with a bead show BFF
  • Worked a wee bit for Betcey and Mark at Beyond Beadery, which is always more fun than... just buying the beads outright, LOL. Status: I finally figured out where the 15-0 charlottes were. Just in time for them to be rearranged.
  • Finally met Judith Bertoglio-Giffin and her man. She is adorable! I could have hugged her til she popped. Status: Totally need to poke her on FB. Hehe.
  • Shopped til I dropped, then went back with Sarah and did it all over again. Status: Not broke (just badly bent).
  • Bought an amazing pair of antique Turkoman earrings. I love them and cuddle them every day. But I have to modify them to be able to wear them, and so I'm procrastinating until I work up the nerve to customize the wires. Status: Still can't wear them, yet.
  • Ate in Santa Fe at Il Vicino (delicious), Tia Sophia's (fun and hearty), and that Italian place near the convention center (scrumptious but the service was a little weird this time). Status: More please?
  • For luck, I might have kissed a Jewish restaurant manager wearing a Scottish kilt and a full coverage leg tattoo on St. Patrick's Day. Status: Envigorated old lady plans to go back maybe for Christmas? Unless he's got an Easter bunny costume.
  • All this using my hotel room points for 3 free nights in Santa Fe! Status: Can't beat free!
  • Returned home gripping the steering wheel against ferocious, debris-filled winds. Status: Over it, fortunately
  • Took a nap (maybe several?). Status: Patiently awaiting the next one
  • Junie in a sling. Reading?
  • Went to belly dance class where my teacher advised me not to shake quite so largely. Status: Planning to tone it down
  • Junie jacked up his arm in MMA, which involved urgent care, doctor, and specialist visits. Status: Diagnosis still pending. Sling in place. No tourney in April.
  • The MOTH's car broke down, which taught us all to appreciate how lucky we are when it runs. Status: repaired
  • CenturyLink's system wasn't working right so it rejected my last 2 payments after initially confirming them. Came home to no phone, Internet, or DirectTV. They reconnected it for free. What is wrong with this picture? Poor call center workers must have been exhausted that day. Status: Back in business, thanks? Not.
  • Found out my diet is working -- I've lost 8 pounds. I'm embarassed to say all I had to do was cut out sugar. Status: On a roll! (Or off with the rolls?)
  • Yesterday I had a good look at the house. Scary. Status: Still scary. Must. Sign. Off. Now.


  1. BeadFest sounds like it was a lot of fun! How cool that you got to work for Betcey -- I met her during Bead and Button a few years back, and she's a lot of fun. :)

    Also, I mentioned you twice in my post on bead embroidery resources:

    -- Sarah

  2. Mary Tafoya has a wonderful tutorial on using Microsoft Office to make bead graphs. You can reach her through her blog

  3. woops, I meant to post it on this blog
    You already know you have this wonderful tutorial LOL

  4. Status update: wooooo hoooo. aka livin it up. aka fabulous. ;) <3 guess huuuuuu.

  5. Haha, Joann, you're so funny! I approved these comments anyway, hope you don't mind! (Huuuu)


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