Thursday, April 3, 2008

Junior, Gel Pens, and El Monstruo

When my son has an assignment to color, he usually opts to use my big ole set of Prismacolor pencils, (which, by the way, I've had since college 100 years ago).
This time I mentioned I had a whopping big new bunch of gel pens, so he grabbed them instead. To tell the truth I'd completely forgotten I'd binged on the fluorescent colors too...but I'm guessing he migrated right to them.
I love this drawing! The assignment was to draw a monster and label its cuerpo. The only caveat was "No Blood." (Ahhh, an experienced teacher who knows boys all too well ;-) The ripped out heart totally cracks me up!
Junior must have liked it too because it is now the background image on his cell phone. 8-)

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  1. Don't you love kid art? He did a great job on this.



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