Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Yes, Sig has finally lost it

If you've done beadwork for any length of time, you know Sig Wynne-Evans. (Hint: She's older than Delicas and younger than Deon DeLang ;-)

Ya know, a lot of times people "in the biz" feel a certain pressure to behave in public. When a vendor, designer, author, teacher, or otherwise well known person in the industry (and I'm sure this is true for other art/craft genres) speaks too frankly, speaks too honestly, speaks their true feelings, there is an inevitable backlash. Especially on the Internet.

But Sig, though sweet as pie, generous as the day is long, and warm as a teddy bear in person, has generally elected to speak her mind no matter what and it doesn't seem to have hurt her any.

Until now. I am fairly certain she's completely flipped her lid and lost her marbles! One too many rows of odd-count flat peyote?

Miz Sig, in case you haven't heard, is now on Chapter 6 of the Cracked Bead, a tell-it-like-a-veteran-designer-sees-it "journal" of things some of us wish we'd said others of us might wish she hadn't.

The title? Tips for Designers: How to design Creatively Rich, Artistically Perfect, and Phenomenally Yummy (C.R.A.P.P.Y.) Patterns yes that's right folks -- with intimate testimonials from the designer herself. And extra points for sarcasm. ;-)

Oh and if you feel the need to catch up, the rest of the Chapters are still online too.

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