Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Sick Bed Art from Which Continent?

I've had a wicked, wicked cold (again -- something tells me full-time job + grad school don't mix, at least not in this nearly 50 year old body...) and I'm telling my DH, "Honey I'm coughing so hard I'm practically incontinent!" And Junior pipes in, "Which continent is that, Mom?"

Yes. But despite the iffy bodily functions, I'm here to tell you that even with bronchitis or whatever it is, my hands started getting itchy after about a day and I managed to make stuff, while lying in bed watching a Law and Order marathon. At least I think it was Law and Order. (In between naps I swear I heard "duh duh duh Duh DUHhhh duhhhh"...every hour or so.)

First I made envelopes out of old art magazines (the kind with the heavier paper) and the inserts are made of old rescued file folders. I mean, like, at least 20 years old, probably more like 30. The cow envelopes are made from salvaged butter labels made of vegetable parchment paper. Reuse, recycle!

Then I finally got started on a custom peyote stitch earrings order and since I've been kinda slow to get these to mi amiga I added some special little stones, including turquoise faceted rounds and tiger eye faceted barrels. I love 'em -- they've got antique silver and bright faceted copper Delicas in the mix. Still a bit of work to do on these (obviously).


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