Saturday, April 5, 2008

Pregnant Pixie Lute Playing Doll?

Pixie Doll?
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I'm afraid the DH has got it bad. Ever since he threw that big ole boudoir doll in the bed with me after an early morning Goodwill run, he for some reason thinks I want to collect the disgusting things. A lot of times, he brings me some creepy stinky weird tourist doll (ok, maybe not stinky) and I make him throw them out immediately, I don't even want to touch them!

Ahhh, but today...he comes in, sheepishly, and says, "Will you please research this one? I think she's pregnant." LOL!

I kinda doubt it -- I think it's just her posture (but hey maybe if she wore some PANTS she wouldn't find herself in those compromising situations, where people judge her and all that...) Check out my Flickr album (click the photo) for some more views.

No I did not research her. But she will have an honorary place out in the shed, on the shelf with his battery operated hand held mosquito repellant gadgets. I figure she was part of some 1950s split-level cocktails at 5:00 Las Vegas holiday scenario. Wonder where her pixie drummer boy friend is?


  1. Oh I forgot to mention that all DH's shopping eccentricities are forgiven because yesterday as I was leaving for Santa Fe he said "hold out your hand," and then he fastened a gorgeous vintage 925 silver Tasco Mexican bracelet onto my wrist -- which he bought in a box of junk for $3.00! It has matching clip ons.

  2. Your pixie doll description, and the quip about the pants CRACKED me up.


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