Thursday, April 17, 2008

New Poll: What Earrings Do You Wear?

I was going to make April's poll about your fave items in my Etsy jewelry shop but I was a little uncomfortable with that and kept procrastinating. Not because I was worried about feedback -- I still want feedback! But because it just seemed a tad self-centered and besides most people who post here aren't my jewelry customers anyway (er, yet?).

So, in the spirit of getting a poll up already and still getting some kind of potentially shop-related feedback, here's this month's poll:

What's Hanging From Those Lobes??? I know, I forgot multiple piercings, handmade, catalog purchases, seed beads, goth, department store specials, teen Claire and all kind of other things. Feel free to add your ideas for OTHER by commenting to this post or emailing me.

So there ya go. Now, look left silly and fill out the poll!


  1. Well, I'm old-fashioned and wear posts. However, I do have a few wires, but I don't like them when they are too long.

    I invite you to visit my blog --

  2. My stupid ears get really picky about me putting things in them (runs in the family, my Mom and Aunt and maybe some cousins have had the same problem), so right now all I have that I can trust in my ears is the gold and emerald posts that my granny gave me, and a pair of funky blue-green titanium wires that are shaped kind of like a Jesus fish, so that the point hangs in my lobe and the two ends are crossed over below, with one hammered flat. I can't wait to buy more earrings from that vendor next street fair, because they had titanium flames and jellyfish and other nifty things, but I just bought simple, inexpensive ones in case I couldn't wear them!


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