Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Fave New Necklace

I designed this to sell but I can't decide whether to put this in my shop or not. It's made with carved jade and turquoise, with sterling findings. It looks and feels so grounding, and it ain't lightweight (not too heavy either), but the weird thing is, when you put it on, it feels weightless. I can hardly tell I'm wearing it. Plus it matches my hair really well.

Which reminds me of JEWELRY DESIGN TIP Numero Uno: Pick colors that will go with a woman's hair. If it matches their hair it will match their clothing... I learned this from a guy I worked with years ago. He went climbing in Ecuador and came back with a wool scarf for each of us 3 women. We each eyeballed each other's gift but decided we each liked ours the best. We asked, "How did you do that? You picked the perfect scarf for each of us" He said he'd picked a scarf for each of us that would match our hair. Brilliant! I've never forgotten that tip and now I find myself not wanting to part with this necklace thanks to Jewelry Design Tip Numero Uno...)

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