Monday, July 7, 2008

Migraine Marathon

So much for blogging on the road, hehe. I did have Internet access but was so busy, I didn't even get the 3-hour beadwork project started (much less finished). Busy, in a good way. Except for the migraine. It started on Friday night and if you get migraines you know that once they get there, they pretty much leave when they feel like it. The trick is to treat them right away.

Last time a migraine got me, it last 4 or 5 days and I was a whimpering idiot most of the time. I tried a new medicine and a shot, neither worked. I am counting my blessings this time because it wasn't nearly as severe and doing stuff was actually a nice distraction. When we got home last night I popped (or rather, dissolved) my last new migraine pill (you get a whopping THREE of them at a time), not knowing if it would do any good at that point. For a few hours I was pleasantly detached, feeling sort of like a ballooon that was blown up too big, but the migraine was still there at midnight. Counting my blessings again this morning cause it's gone now, except for a bruised feeling in the back of my head, and when I push on my ear it crackles like it's full of little knuckles.

So, how was YOUR holiday weekend? 8-) We did get a few pictures but they're on the DH's cell phone and he is off to Goodwill (again). Colorado was beautiful and benevolent and even the rainstorms on the way home yesterday were a treat. And I feel very suburban saying this but the Ft. Collins Comfort Suites we stayed in was the nicest one yet, and hardly anybody was there! Each time we passed the pool it was empty, making us sorry (for about 5 seconds) we didn't bring Junior.

Today it's cool and damp, and the house is quiet except for the turtle clunking around in her tank. Since I don't have any pretty vacation pictures to share, how about a picture of Squirt, our killer guard turtle, before I wander off to the kitchen to make coffee?


  1. After seeing "Squirt", I thought you might enjoy my blog about turtles. You can see it:

    I have been a fan of yours for years! Only today did I connect your name with Aunt Molly's Beads...a bit slow! LOL

  2. Hi Mary, I love your Squirt.. We have 2... Cabbage and Mr. Turtle we got them in Dec and they were so tiny now they are huge... my daughter came home with Mr. T in an ice cream cup... Cabbage went to a different home first then came for a sleepover and ended up staying.. How old is Squirt?


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