Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Mystery Pliers and the Ultimate Spork

I now own the ultimate spork, thanks to my edamame and seaweed salad from Trader Joe's. The salad wasn't so great but it came in this cute little container that made it look like an ice cream sundae (albeit a green, slimy ice cream sundae). The label wrapped around the top so I didn't notice it came with its own spork.

This amazing spork is HINGED, sturdier and larger than most most other sporks (and more forklike, frankly -- maybe it should be called a "foon," or a "forkoon"), and the packaging is so well designed, when folded, it tucks under the little dip in the lid where it lives until you pop it out. I love great packaging design! Oh, yes, and the fork SNAPS in place to stay open, until you unsnap it and fold it again for, I don't know, space travel? Office life in a miniature cubicle?

Now, on to the pliers. The DH came home with these from the estate sale of a local jewelry maker person. The man had several interesting old tools, none of them seemed particularly top of the line and most were a little larger than my standard pliers and such.

These pliers are not round or half round -- they are toothed, and instead of having a flat or round plier thingy, they are pointed on the top. If I grab wire with them and wrap all around once, I get an oval shape. But they're tapered, so it's not like I can make a bunch of ovals the same size. And, as I mentioned, they are toothed. With diamond-shaped pliers.

Does anybody know what they heck they're for?

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