Monday, August 17, 2009

Earring Wires Class Debrief

earring wire designsMy earring wires class at OFFCenter was so much fun -- I think it went pretty well, and the students were Awesome with a capital A. Very positive, fun, skilled, etc. But it was a little too short, partly because I talk too much and partly because the person who called and said she'd be late arrived, so I ad libbed for awhile. Then she decided after a few minutes she didn't want to take the class, so she left, LOL! Oy.

Also I realized after I got home that the students probably would have been happy even if I hadn't included every. single. earring. wire. I know on the handout. Hehe. We ran a little short on time.

There was a lovely woman from Rio Grande there (thank you Molly B. for sending out the emails!) and it was neat to have her there because she knew a lot about tools, wire, etc. even though she didn't think she did -- she did!

Plus Leighanna Light came and so did Annie Hooten, who both do their own things so well, so I was glad to show them something they didn't already know that they could get excited about! Everyone else I was meeting for the first time.

I love teaching. Someone told me a long time ago that when you find the thing that leaves you feeling more energized when you're done than when you started, that's the thing you should do. For him it was rock and roll, for me it is teaching. They both take a lot of energy come to think of it -- an outward bound energy, and yes, I did it 6 hours a day, year round, for 14 years, so I think I'm done doing it full-time, thank you. Whenever I teach I remember how hard it is and how utterly absorbing, and how much I love it, and how much joy there is in it (for everyone), especially when people choose to take your class.

And as always, I learned something new. This time, I accidentally figured out a new earring design. Probably something that's been figured out before, but for me, it just happened and it's new, and this seems to happen every time I teach. So hey, I got my money's worth 8-)

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