Friday, August 14, 2009

The Ed Hardy Purse

Did I forget to blog about how my whole Ed Hardy fetish got started? We were in Vegas at Junior's grappling tournament, and I had to walk past the Ed Hardy stand every time I went to or from my room, so... the MOTH kept telling me to pick out a bag. As if!

Well, fast forward a few weeks, to my birthday. I'm sitting in OFFCenter sneaking in a bit of studio time, when up pulls the MOTH and Junior. He beckons me outside and tells me to open my birthday present. I nearly fell over -- inside the big box, wrapped in tissue, was a turquoise patent leather Ed Hardy purse from Dillards, the rat. I felt like I'd died and gone to heaven. This kind of gift is not normal around our house, so I was truly stunned near to tears.

The MOTH knew I liked the classic looking tattooed surfer designs the best, so that's the bag he picked out. Only one problem -- the lettering on the bag said "Love Kills Slowly." Oy! I was on my way to my SIL's memorial in California, not a slogan I wanted to carry out to my bro, niece and nephew.

The MOTH understood my dilemma and said, "Ok, look, Dillard's is open for 1 more hour, let's run over there and you can exchange it." So we drove over and I looked at every - single - other Ed Hardy bag in the place, and finally said, "You picked out the best bag, I'll keep this one."
So we go home, and long after he fell asleep I sat up gazing at this wondrous new beautiful bag. With that disturbing word. "Kills." And all the while I'm thinking about Nikia's classic diamond-patterned Coach bag she got on eBay and a couple of years later, glued rhinestones to. And that's where I got the inspiration and permission.

So I pawed through my vintage rhinestones and found some that looked a bit like the ones on there already. Hehe. Problem solved. Now my purse says "Love Slowly." 8-)

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