Thursday, August 13, 2009

Score! Ed Hardy Storage Boxes

I thought I was in eye candy heaven when the MOTH told me there were Ed Hardy school supplies at Walmart. I went right over on my lunch hour Tuesday and picked up a binder for my class that starts in a couple of weeks. And of course since there were no pockets, I needed an Ed Hardy pocket folder to go inside. And of course since I like to doodle during class (word: it keeps me from climbing out of my chair -- why does UNM not get with it and offer these darn classes online??? sheesh) I had to get a bright purple pencil pouch to go inside too.

And since my work composition book is almost full of meeting notes (and doodles) I went ahead and got an Ed Hardy composition book for work. And since the pocket folders were so cheap, I went ahead and got one of each. For archival purposes, yeah that's it.

So last night we headed out to get Junior his school supplies, and whoa! at a different Walmart they had Ed Hardy STORAGE BOXES! Thank goodness it's payday week cause I knew when I saw them I "needed" one of each.

I already filled up four so far (warning -- they are shorter than shoebox sized storage, but very sturdy, and they are not cheap -- $5.00 each, shhhh!). I am still organizing (wah wah wah) and moving stuff out of small bead storage drawers so I can put beads in them, all in the same area. So I transferred my zig zaggy scissors, paper punches, and some other stuff into them. They are muy bonita and I think they deserve a place in the studio where you can see them right when you walk in.

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  1. THOSE ARE FAB! I've got to get to WalMart to check out & see if I can find some of anything you've been talking about. I use to love this time of year because for me buying school supplies was so exciting. Funny, but I still love school supplies. I bought 10 glue stick packs for 19 cents each & was too excited. Others would think me silly, but I think some here on the Internet would "get it".



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